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<> Health Benefits of Donating Blood<>

How many situations in life are 100% win,…… win? How many situations in life do you have the opportunity to save up to three people’s lives while simultaneously reducing your own chances of heart attack, stroke up to 80% and even reduce your chances of contracting cancer. If you are a Christian or an otherwise moral person who cares for your fellow man, what greater gift can you give then donating blood? How do you show more love for your fellow man by the gift of blood? There are areas in the United States where surgeries have to be canceled because of critical shortages and blood. This is especially true during the Covid pandemic.  But blood banks are empty. Donating blood is so good for the donor that blood banks should be overflowing with blood and blood should be as cheap as water. Study after study has proven that blood donors live longer and have a substantial reduction in the risk of heart attack and stroke. Recent studies have even suggested that donating blood may reduce your chances of developing cancer. The question is ,”why are blood banks

still empty?”

I am very sure you already know the answer as to why our government, most medical providers are not behind this 100% and you can thank BIG PHARMA. There is no money to be made donating blood.  Blood is simply not profitable. There’s no money in blood for big Pharma therefore our government, the AMA and most providers don’t push it. They prefer statin drugs that do nothing but destroy our livers, and there is not one single shred of proof that statin drugs reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. This in and of itself should be a motivating factor to start donating.  Consider the fact that postmenopausal woman have the same risk of stroke and heart attack as men but premenopausal women are much less likely to have heart attacks and strokes than men. The reason is obvious why premenopausal women are 50% less likely to develop strokes or heart attack than men because they donate blood every month during menstruation

Study after study has shown the frequent blood donor (two times a year) have  33-88% lower risk of cardiovascular disease in blood donors versus non-blood donors. Repeated blood donation reduces blood viscosity, lowers pressure and the risk of plaque rupture. It is also known that each blood donation reduces iron heme up to 250 mg. Iron loss is known to reduce oxidative stress and the availability of malignant iron cells and have a positive effect against insulin resistance arterial sclerosis and may protect against cancer.