ICD10 Tips for Doctors

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to physicians about the upcoming ICD 10 nightmare is to check with your clearinghouse. Your clearinghouse may be able to dramatically simplify the implementation of ICD 10 for your practice. I have to take my hat off for the folks at Practice Insight. I’ve used all the major clearinghouses but in my opinion no other clearinghouse can match Practice Insight.

The program is called ICD 10 code manager. The program outputs the 100 most commonly utilized ICD-9 codes in the order they are most frequently utalized. Next, it cross references the ICD-9 code with the appropriate ICD 10 codes. This report dramatically simplifies the time it takes to select the appropriate diagnosis code.

I am advising my physicians to have their office staff laminate the report printouts and place them strategically throughout the office. In most cases, the reports are not as long as you might imagine.

Everyone in the industry is really struggling with ICD 10. It does not appear that most practices are adequately prepared. This is extremely important because on October 1 practices that are not prepared will be blindsided by the difficulty in selecting the correct codes. In many cases, doctors will no longer be able to rely on their staff or a billing company to choose the correct codes as they have done in the past. Physicians in many cases will have to personally choose the ICD 10 code itself which could be a time-consuming process. The practice insight ICD 10 report greatly speeds up and enhances the process of selecting the correct diagnosis code. I highly recommend Practice Insight for the above listed report and many other features of the Practice Insight clearinghouse.