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Important Information for Pain Management Physicians on ICD 10

Common idc10 codes for painmanagement physicians
ICD 10 help for pain management doctors.Click to Download
The Preceding link and free download is an excellent report with will help Pain Management Physicians with the up and coming ICD 10 diagnosis code requirements. My suggestion is to download the attached report for your office. The listed report was generated from a large pain management physician group. The report lists ICD-9 codes and descriptions in the order of most commonly used ICD-9 codes and cross-references the diagnosis codes to ICD 10. My suggestion for Pain management doctors is to again download the report, have it laminated and placed placed strategically throughout your office. Since the report lists the most frequently used codes at the top in descending order to least frequently used codes it should serve as an excellent quick reference guide to assist Pain management physicianscommon idc10 codes for painmanagement physicians with ICD 10 coding.
I have to take my hat off to the folks at Practice Insight for the above listed download which I think will substantially help pain management physicians with the upcoming ICD 10 diagnosis codeing challenges. I have worked with all the major clearing houses and in my opinion Practice Insight towers above their competition not only for this report but many other factors. As we know, most pain management physicians are very busy and see many patients throughout the day. This ICD 10 coding cheat sheet for pain management physicians should substantially speed up the office visits and patient encounters because in many instances under the new coding guidelines physicians may personally have to list the exact ICD 10 codes as opposed to the historical approach of simply handwriting or picking a diagnosis.
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